SeaPark Compounding Pharmacy Center

In addition to filling traditional prescriptions, we also compound medications for a wide variety of conditions for both human and veterinary patients. Whatever your pharmaceutical compounding needs may be, the pharmacists at Seashore and Winterpark Discount Drugs (SeaPark Compounding Pharmacy Center) are here to help. We pride ourselves in “going the extra mile” to find prescription solutions for both patients and physicians. Want to know more? Just ask one of our pharmacists for more information about our custom compounding services.


What is Compounding?

Compounding means that we create personalized medications for our patients.

Compounding pharmacists can personalize medications for patients who need specific strengths, dosage forms (like creams or gels), flavors, or need specific ingredients excluded because of allergies. We can also make medications that have been discontinued or are difficult to find.


Many people use compounding for a variety of reasons. Here are a few options to consider.


Compounding pharmacists can create customized products to fight the signs and symptoms of aging. Offerings include solutions that slow and protect your skin from:

  • – Damage from the sun, smoking, or aging
  • – Wrinkles
  • – Loss of moisture
  • – Loss of elasticity


Both men and women experience hormonal changes as they get older. Offerings include solutions for:

  • – PMS
  • – Menopause
  • – Weight gain
  • – Low testosterone
  • – Decreased libido

We also offer hormone consultation for both men and women.


Having trouble getting your child to take their medication? We can adjust the flavors and dosage forms of your child’s medication to make it easier for them to take.

Transform your child’s medication into a brightly colored and delicious substance (provided in a child-proof package, of course!). We can change the taste and color without compromising the efficacy of the medication.


Compounding is also a great option for dermatological conditions, such as scar and wound care, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Call if you have questions or would like advice on how to talk to your dermatologist about compounding.


Like with kids, it can be difficult to administer your pet’s medications. Compounding pharmacists can work with you to put your pet’s medications in a form that’s easy for them to take, like a meat-flavored liquid for your dog or a topical cream for your cat.

We can also accommodate custom dosages based on your pet’s size or condition.


Our Partners at PCCA


SEAPARK Compounding Pharmacy Center is a proud member of the world’s foremost authority on compounding medications, PCCA. To see PCCA’s “about us” web pages, click here .


As a member of PCCA our staff has direct access to all of PCCA’s formulas, clinical information, ongoing education, and the latest breakthroughs in helping patients with specialized medicine, for both humans and animals. Our pharmacies are committed to serving our community by bringing all the resources of PCCA and its 3,900 members to you!